Know the Best Time to Visit Different Parts of Australia

Being one of the largest countries in the world and being home to thousands of beaches, Australia has got something for every traveler. Although you can visit the country which is also one of the continents in the world anytime, there are the best times that you can visit.

This is in terms of weather, tourists and also prices. The best time to visit the Gold Coast could be different from that of visiting the East Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

Visit in autumn or spring

Some of the best times to visit Australia are autumn or spring. This is because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s a perfect weather to move around and appreciate what the country has to offer. Autumn starts from March and ends in May while spring starts in September and ends in November.

Why Visit Australia in spring

During spring, there are plenty of activities that take place across the country. These celebrations and festivals give visitors a chance to interact with the locals and have fun. This falls between the month of September and November when the weather is a bit warmer but not as hot as during summer. It is also a good time to go surfing, canoeing, diving and sea kayaking among other water activities.

Why Visit In Autumn

One of the busiest and best times to visit Australia is during autumn which runs from March to May.  The temperatures are cool making it perfect for beach activities. In some parts such as Melbourne, there are varieties of activities that take place.

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef

This is a perfect destination when heading to Australia as the weather is warm throughout the year. Whether you want to go diving, swimming, sightseeing or surfing, there are plenty of activities year-round. It all depends on the water activities that you want to experience.

June to August is perfect for watching Minke whales and other sea life while August to December is perfect for diving. If you want to avoid congestion, it’s advisable that you visit in spring or summer which is usually wet due to tropical rains.

One thing about the weather in Australia is that it highly depends on the region that you are in. While some regions may experience rainfall during summer, others will have no rain at all. It’s recommended that you check the weather of your destination before getting to Australia so as to be prepared.