Experiencing the Best of Australia by Train

Australia, a country full of life and a continent by itself offer more than thousands of beaches. There are forests, national parks, mining towns, beautiful sceneries and historic architecture among many other things. If you are looking for a fun and memorable way to experience the country, you should try crossing it by train.

·         Head to Brisbane from North Queensland

It’s an amazing way to make the journey in a shiny, comfortable modern train. What makes it even more comfortable is the fact that there is a seat-back entertainment system, seats that you convert into flat beds and a cafe-bar club car. You also get to enjoy scenic views along the way whether you opt to board from Townsville or Cairns.

·         Board XPT from Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney, probably the most famous of all towns in the country holds the pride of being home to a beautiful harbor. By boarding the XPT train from Sydney to Melbourne, you will be amazed by the beauty of the country. You will see snowy mountains, the River Murray and beautiful landscape among other views. To take in the best that the country has to offer, you should take a day time train rather than a night one.

·         Board the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin

If you are ready for one of the longest train journeys that you can take, you should board The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. It’s an all-inclusive as you do not have to worry about food and drinks. The fact that the journey takes 53hrs assures you that there is plenty to see along the way including a desert; rivers, mountainous regions to tropical areas. Due to the length of the journey, you either opt to travel in a suite with a double bed or in an en-suite cabin with a berth.

·         Board the XPT Train from Brisbane to Sydney

Although the train leaves early in the morning, you get to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Border Ranges, native forest, impressive hills and the pacific coast among other views. This is a scheduled train that you can book any day of the week.

·         Board the Gulflander from Normanton to Cairns

This is an amazing trip to take considering that the Gulflander is a tourist train. You will pass scenic views and enjoy the best that this route between Normanton and Cairns has to offer. The train which is popularly known as the Tin Hare has been in operation since the year 1889.