Dog Walking in Australia – Things to Keep in Mind

Dogs are active animals that need a lot of exercises, but the type of dog will determine how often they need to exercise. Bigger dogs may need to exercise every day for at least an hour and well much smaller dogs can take twenty minutes’ walks. Most dogs love to walk but some can be lazy. Age is also an influencing factor in how long and often dogs need to exercise. If you are unable to do it, some people have made a career out of dog sitting and dog walking. To ensure that your dog gets their daily dose of exercise if you can’t make the time, hire one of these persons to get it done for you.

Walk your dog on a leash

That’s right, you need a leash. The leash helps to control your dog. Dogs can be easily distracted by smaller animals or insects and are quick to give chase so if you have a leash it would be difficult for them to run away or even attack passersby. It is safer for other pedestrians and the dog for the owner to put a leash on them. The owner can prevent the dog from running into traffic and the owner can protect the dog from getting lost.

Litter Bags

Dog waste is toxic and can encourage several parasitic organisms and an unsightly number of flies. A considerate owner would have a litter bag to clean up after their dogs. In some countries, it is actually illegal to leave your dog droppings unattended. Furthermore, not picking up your dog’s waste can cause discord with your neighbors. When you walk with your litter bag, remember to dispose of it properly and in a way where it doesn’t cause harm to others or to the environment.

Does your dog need a muzzle?

Many owners have concerns about using a muzzle for their dog and immediately think about animal cruelty but if you have a good muzzle you shouldn’t have to worry too much especially when it’s just worn for a short period of time. If your dog is considered dangerous by law then it is necessary to walk them with one on or as the owner you can be penalized. There are different types of muzzles and you should get the one that you think is most comfortable for your dog.


Collaring your dog may be a challenge for some owners especially when they see that their dogs are initially reacting negatively to the instrument that is put around their necks. Despite this, eventually, they get used to it in a few days. This is important because it can identify the dog’s owners and in the event that the animal goes missing it will be returned to the owner. Additionally, dog catchers would know that the dog is not a stray. The collar, of course, is the only logical thing to connect the leash to. You can’t for obvious reasons connect the leash without a collar.