Visiting Australia with Family? These are Perfect Destinations

With thousands of beaches, snowy mountains, national parks, opera houses and theme parks, Australia is a family-friendly destination. More-so there are countless places that are picture perfect. You could find a photography company to follow you around and capture unforgettable memories.

When visiting the country, all that parents will need to do is to properly plan as there is so much to do that it can be overwhelming. 


Whether you prefer beachcombing, sea kayaking, mountain biking or visiting museums, Tasmania has a lot to offer. What makes it perfect for a family holiday is the numerous activities that it has to offer. It is home to Mt. Wellington, Tahune Forest AirWalk, Freycinet National Park which is perfect for camping, Coles Bay and Ocean beach. 


Brisbane turns out to have some of the best activities for families. South Bank Parklands will keep the little ones busy with the Wheel of Brisbane and the playgrounds while parents enjoy a barbecue and relax on the lawns. Kids will enjoy swimming at Streets Beach and riding a ferry around the city. For various activities, the family should visit the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland Museum and Sciencetre and Gallery of Modern Art. New Farm Park and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are worth a visit.

Gold Coast

Every child gets excited by the mere mention that they are going to visit a theme park. Gold Coast is home to Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and Movie World theme parks. There are activities for adults too. Besides the theme parks, there are water activities such as jet-skiing, whale watching, surfing and sea-kayaking among many others.


This is the largest city in the country that is famous worldwide. With numerous activities that it has to offer, this is a perfect destination for a family holiday. Most activities revolve around water. Boarding a ferry will take you around Sydney from a different angle passing under the Sydney Harbor Bridge and past Sydney Opera House among other beautiful sights. The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium the Australian National Maritime Museum gives more insight into the marine life in the country.

Victoria’s High Country

This is an excellent place for an amazing family experience while in Australia. In winter, skiing is a popular activity here and the good thing is that there are runs for all. There are mountaintop lodges for your stay and you can hire skiing gear if you don’t have yours. If you are here in summer, bushwalking, camping, and biking are some activities that you should not miss out on.

Experiencing the Best of Australia by Train

Australia, a country full of life and a continent by itself offer more than thousands of beaches. There are forests, national parks, mining towns, beautiful sceneries and historic architecture among many other things. If you are looking for a fun and memorable way to experience the country, you should try crossing it by train.

·         Head to Brisbane from North Queensland

It’s an amazing way to make the journey in a shiny, comfortable modern train. What makes it even more comfortable is the fact that there is a seat-back entertainment system, seats that you convert into flat beds and a cafe-bar club car. You also get to enjoy scenic views along the way whether you opt to board from Townsville or Cairns.

·         Board XPT from Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney, probably the most famous of all towns in the country holds the pride of being home to a beautiful harbor. By boarding the XPT train from Sydney to Melbourne, you will be amazed by the beauty of the country. You will see snowy mountains, the River Murray and beautiful landscape among other views. To take in the best that the country has to offer, you should take a day time train rather than a night one.

·         Board the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin

If you are ready for one of the longest train journeys that you can take, you should board The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. It’s an all-inclusive as you do not have to worry about food and drinks. The fact that the journey takes 53hrs assures you that there is plenty to see along the way including a desert; rivers, mountainous regions to tropical areas. Due to the length of the journey, you either opt to travel in a suite with a double bed or in an en-suite cabin with a berth.

·         Board the XPT Train from Brisbane to Sydney

Although the train leaves early in the morning, you get to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Border Ranges, native forest, impressive hills and the pacific coast among other views. This is a scheduled train that you can book any day of the week.

·         Board the Gulflander from Normanton to Cairns

This is an amazing trip to take considering that the Gulflander is a tourist train. You will pass scenic views and enjoy the best that this route between Normanton and Cairns has to offer. The train which is popularly known as the Tin Hare has been in operation since the year 1889.

Tips for Hiring a Camper Van in Australia

Camper vans are popular in Australia and an amazing way to get around. If you are going on vacation to Australia with family, friends or colleagues, hiring a camper van would boost your experience. While considering hiring one, it’s essential that you get things right. You do not want to be disappointed on your vacation.

  • Compare the Rates

Consider all the costs involved in hiring a camper van. Some will have a high daily rate but with lower additional costs or all-inclusive while others may have low daily rates but with many other additional costs. Thus it is important you know what is included in the rate and compare several providers. When looking at the rates, consider all the costs including extra driver fees, beddings, and linen as well as tax and administration fees.

  • Make Your Reservations in Advance

While you make your reservations early, chances are you will not be disappointed with your hire. There are periods that the camper vans are highly hired and you could miss out or get the rates are quite high. If you are traveling to Australia during the festive season, in summer or when schools are closed, you should make your reservations in advance.

  • Plan a Relaxed Schedule

You cannot just drive in the camper van just to get around. You need to make the most out of your trip and to do so; you will have to plan your itinerary in advance. Australia is a big country and if you are not careful while driving the camper van, you might miss out on a lot of things. Plan in advance, know where you want to go and take things slowly.  A realistic itinerary will see you have a relaxed schedule and enjoy your trip more.

  • Know Your Options

Camper vans come in various sizes. Depending on the number of passengers, it should have sufficient space inside. Besides driving around, you will be sleeping in the camper van and that’s the reason space should be sufficient for all. Consider other features that might come in handy such as bathrooms, bed sizes and the transmission of the van.

  • Consider the Number of Days you Will Be in the Country

Most camper vans companies will give discounts when you hire the vehicle for longer. While looking at the rates, consider if you are flexible with your schedule and you can afford it.

Some of the Most Favorite Beaches to Visit in Australia

For the beach and watersports lovers, Australia is one of the most popular destinations. There are over 10,000 beaches to choose from and this only means that you are spoilt for choice. The pristine beaches that are white and sandy will give you an experience of a lifetime. With thousands of beaches, it’s good that you know which are the best for certain sports and what you should avoid.

  • Learn How to Manage through Rips

Rips are common in Australian beaches and if you do not know to get through, you can easily be killed as you get swept to the sea.  This is one reason you should only swim in the beaches that are patrolled so that you can be rescued if you need help. The best thing to do if you are caught up in a rip is to swim aligned to the beach. With this and the fact that you avoid panicking, you will be able to swim out of these powerful currents.

  • Read Signs on Beaches

The Australian authority will have signs on beaches and it’s important that you read them. This will help you avoid risks such as being stung by various insects such as the box jellyfish and Irukandji’s. Although there is an emergency number that you can always call (which you should have with your when in Australia), you need to take good care of yourself. Some of the stings can cause respiratory distress and in worst scenarios death.

  • Know Where to Engage in Waters-ports Activities

There are plenty of water sports activities that you can undertake while on Australian beaches. You can go surfing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving among others. Before you can engage in any of these, know where you should go and where you should avoid. Remember that there are sharks to avoid, you could drown or dive into water only to end up with a spinal injury. You should also go to beaches that have lifeguards on patrol.

The pristine beaches and the incredible coastline of Australia are breathtaking. You will love visiting a different beach whenever you wish to. Water safety should be taken seriously and for you to have the most amazing experience in the country, you need to know the basic rules of water safety on the ground. With this, you will love every moment that you are on the beach.

Know the Best Time to Visit Different Parts of Australia

Being one of the largest countries in the world and being home to thousands of beaches, Australia has got something for every traveler. Although you can visit the country which is also one of the continents in the world anytime, there are the best times that you can visit.

This is in terms of weather, tourists and also prices. The best time to visit the Gold Coast could be different from that of visiting the East Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

Visit in autumn or spring

Some of the best times to visit Australia are autumn or spring. This is because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s a perfect weather to move around and appreciate what the country has to offer. Autumn starts from March and ends in May while spring starts in September and ends in November.

Why Visit Australia in spring

During spring, there are plenty of activities that take place across the country. These celebrations and festivals give visitors a chance to interact with the locals and have fun. This falls between the month of September and November when the weather is a bit warmer but not as hot as during summer. It is also a good time to go surfing, canoeing, diving and sea kayaking among other water activities.

Why Visit In Autumn

One of the busiest and best times to visit Australia is during autumn which runs from March to May.  The temperatures are cool making it perfect for beach activities. In some parts such as Melbourne, there are varieties of activities that take place.

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef

This is a perfect destination when heading to Australia as the weather is warm throughout the year. Whether you want to go diving, swimming, sightseeing or surfing, there are plenty of activities year-round. It all depends on the water activities that you want to experience.

June to August is perfect for watching Minke whales and other sea life while August to December is perfect for diving. If you want to avoid congestion, it’s advisable that you visit in spring or summer which is usually wet due to tropical rains.

One thing about the weather in Australia is that it highly depends on the region that you are in. While some regions may experience rainfall during summer, others will have no rain at all. It’s recommended that you check the weather of your destination before getting to Australia so as to be prepared.

Top rivers in Australia

The rivers in Australia have contributed to a large extent in improving the lives of people in the region. There are several groups that depend solely on these rivers for their survival. Many of the rivers in Australia have historical importance. Even more, there are rivers that are homes to a vast array of marine animals and smaller organisms. Humans have used their rivers for irrigational activities for hundreds of years. Some of the rivers in Australia are protected while others are not.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the top rivers in Australia.


This is really an iconic river that attracts thousands of tourists each year. It is considered by many as one of the most scenic rivers in Australia. This river houses several varieties of fishes and marine organisms.


The second river we are going to be looking at is the Jardin River. This river may not really intrigue you when you see it for the first time. But one amazing thing about it is the fact that it is fairly deep and has a fair current.

Swimming in this river is not really a good idea because there are a lot of crocodiles.  Being pulled through this river by a ferry is indeed a wonderful experience.


The sceneries around this river are what make it really amazing. Every year a handful of tourist visit this river to get a taste of the breathtaking landscape near this river.

One thing you must avoid is swimming or setting up a camp very close to this river. The reason why you should not do this is that there are a lot of saltwater crocodiles in this river.

Many people have lost their lives to these monsters because they did not make enquires before swimming or making a camp close to the river. Having a guide with you will be important if you are touring the rivers in Australia.


You are definitely going to enjoy crossing this river. It is an alternative route to the high way. If you want a little bit of an adventure you, then you should attempt crossing it with your vehicle. That said, it is important that you have it at the back of your mind that only a four-wheel drive vehicle can cross it without getting stuck. Attempting to cross this river is not a good idea because there is a high possibility that it is going to get stuck.

Things you need to know before you catch a flight to Australia

Australia is a land of wonders and probably one of the MUST visit attractions on travelers’ lists recently. However, for those of you who haven’t been to Australia but plan an Aussie travel, we have a few tips.

Although you think you know Australia from the photos you saw online or articles you read, you actually don’t. However, we’re here to help! It’s not like we’re trying to interrupt your Aussie travel but help you have a good time.

Wonder how? We will help you stay on budget with our tips. Furthermore, we’ll also reveal some things you need to know before you catch a flight to Australia.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, which means it’s huge and you’re not going to see everything you want on your holiday

Unless you plan to stay in Australia for six months or a year, you’re won’t see everything you want. Although it looks small on pictures, Australia is huge. This lovely country occupies a territory that’s more than the size of all countries in the European Union. Keep in mind that it will take you approximately 9 hours to get from Sydney to Melbourne by driving. This leads to the conclusion that your travel expenses will be huge. However, if you’re smart, you can avoid them by using cheap travel options like the bus, train or a free ride.

Australia will turn out to be an expensive travel experience if you don’t plan your budget before you catch a flight

According to tourists, you will spend at least $200 per day in Australia for food, accommodation, and transport. However, you can avoid the costs if you book a ticket in fall or spring. Fall or spring tickets are cheaper because tourists usually visit Aussie during the winter period. As for the food and drinks, we suggest you shop for your own groceries and drink before you go to the bar. Regarding accommodation, consider choosing a motel or camping if you want to save money because most of the hotels are extremely expensive in Australia.

Koalas and kangaroos will not welcome your stay as you hope so

We all want to travel to Aussie for the kangaroos, cool birds, lizards, snakes and koalas, however, unfortunately, the chances of seeing them is rare. You might notice them in the wild but you will probably have to go to a national park or reserve to find them. We suggest you visit the Kangaroo island that’s located south of Adelaide.


Think twice before you tip the bartender in a bar or a restaurant

According to statistics, Australians are one of the wealthiest people in the world. All workers earn at least $16.87 per hour and you should think twice before you tip the bartender. If you really like the service, of course, you can leave a tip. However, if you leave the usual few coins like you’re used to in your state, someone might tell you that you forgot your change!

The weather is surprisingly strange

In some parts of Australia, the summer period is characterized by hot weather, however, in other parts, it rains constantly. Don’t get surprised if you hear about a fire on the news somewhere in Aussie while you’re enjoying the afternoon rain.

The Internet in Australia is terrible and expensive

Although you might find wifi available in the hotels, bars or cafes, probably, the connection will be terrible. The internet in Australia is slow and expensive, so get used to being disconnected from social networks. Use your travel to reconnect with yourself more and enjoy the beauty of Australia.

You will probably want to stay in Australia forever

Those who once visited Australia, always come back and you won’t be an exception! You will probably want to stay in Aussie forever and be devastated on your way back home. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone!

How to enjoy a trip to Australia on a budget

Australia stays on the list of top visited tourist attractions for years. And here’s why! Although some avoid Aussie travel due to big expenses, those who know saving tricks enjoy Aussie travel on a budget.

Are you considering to visit Australia soon? Are you yearning to see the beauties of this marvelous country? If yes, and you still don’t want to drain all your bank accounts on this travel, we’re here to help! We will share a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy a trip to Australia on a budget, including discount cards, cheap food, and fun freebies.

Find a cheap airplane ticket

The airplane ticket to Australia will be one of the biggest expenses you will have on your trip. Because of that, you need to find a cheap airplane ticket. According to statistics, tourists visit Australia mostly during the winter person, so you might find a cheaper airplane ticket during spring or fall. Book your flight on time and when you find a cheap ticket – grab it without any hesitation.

Search for freebies

Australia has a lot of attractions and museums that don’t charge admission fees. For example, the Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art or the Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens.  You can also buy an entire discount card for popular attractions like Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania.

You will get a free entry or a special offer and discount to many area attractions, for a single price. The discount cards will save you money if you want to see more attractions in a short period of time.

Avoid the exchange counter and use ATM and credit cards instead

If you skip the exchange counter and use ATM instead, you will get good exchange rates. You can find an ATM on every step, except for the villages and remote towns. However, you can always pay with credit cards because most of the stores and restaurants accept credit card payments. There’s a shortage of using ATM as well and we have to point it out to you! Australian banks also charge a fee when someone makes a purchase in a foreign currency or withdraws cash at a foreign ATM.

There’s only one exception – the Capital One which doesn’t charge a fee for foreign purchases to American cardholders. At the end of the day, the best way to manage your money is to bring cash. However, don’t bring too much cash with you and if you do, always keep it in your cash belt.

Use the bus, train or a free ride to get somewhere

If you plan to travel to a smaller region, consider taking the bus because it’s the cheapest option. You can also get a discount or a special offer with the Greyhound Australia. If you plan an extended travel, take the bus pass. Besides the bus, there’s one more cheap transport option – the train. Although it seems old-fashioned, traveling by train in Australia will provide you a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

You can check out the offers and discounts on rail passes from Rail Australia and save money on traveling around the state. However, what can be cheaper than a free ride to get somewhere? Many Australian cities have a select public transport free routes. Consider taking them or simply go to the auto stop but be very very careful.

Buy your own food, check for motel or go camping

These are the few ways that will save you money. If you buy your own food, you won’t have to pay the price of a restaurant meal or hotel meal. Prepare your own food and go on a picnic! As for the accommodation, instead of a hotel, consider staying in a motel or go camping. You will be surprised how camping or staying in a cheap motel like the ones in the movies will spice up your Aussie travel

Dog Walking in Australia – Things to Keep in Mind

Dogs are active animals that need a lot of exercises, but the type of dog will determine how often they need to exercise. Bigger dogs may need to exercise every day for at least an hour and well much smaller dogs can take twenty minutes’ walks. Most dogs love to walk but some can be lazy. Age is also an influencing factor in how long and often dogs need to exercise. If you are unable to do it, some people have made a career out of dog sitting and dog walking. To ensure that your dog gets their daily dose of exercise if you can’t make the time, hire one of these persons to get it done for you.

Walk your dog on a leash

That’s right, you need a leash. The leash helps to control your dog. Dogs can be easily distracted by smaller animals or insects and are quick to give chase so if you have a leash it would be difficult for them to run away or even attack passersby. It is safer for other pedestrians and the dog for the owner to put a leash on them. The owner can prevent the dog from running into traffic and the owner can protect the dog from getting lost.

Litter Bags

Dog waste is toxic and can encourage several parasitic organisms and an unsightly number of flies. A considerate owner would have a litter bag to clean up after their dogs. In some countries, it is actually illegal to leave your dog droppings unattended. Furthermore, not picking up your dog’s waste can cause discord with your neighbors. When you walk with your litter bag, remember to dispose of it properly and in a way where it doesn’t cause harm to others or to the environment.

Does your dog need a muzzle?

Many owners have concerns about using a muzzle for their dog and immediately think about animal cruelty but if you have a good muzzle you shouldn’t have to worry too much especially when it’s just worn for a short period of time. If your dog is considered dangerous by law then it is necessary to walk them with one on or as the owner you can be penalized. There are different types of muzzles and you should get the one that you think is most comfortable for your dog.


Collaring your dog may be a challenge for some owners especially when they see that their dogs are initially reacting negatively to the instrument that is put around their necks. Despite this, eventually, they get used to it in a few days. This is important because it can identify the dog’s owners and in the event that the animal goes missing it will be returned to the owner. Additionally, dog catchers would know that the dog is not a stray. The collar, of course, is the only logical thing to connect the leash to. You can’t for obvious reasons connect the leash without a collar.

Cheap and Fun Travel: The Only Guide You Need

Are you considering to travel soon? However, you don’t have much money and you doubt whether you should quit the idea. We say – don’t quit the idea because we’ve prepared a simple guide for cheap travel.

Despite the fact that you won’t need much money to travel, you will also experience an unforgettable fun travel. Keep reading and check out the only guide you need if you want to travel on a budget and still have a great time.

Start point – where do you want to go?

Leave out your budget and answer a simple question – where do I want to travel?

Once you chose your dream destination, check the Internet to find a cheap airplane, bus or train ticket. Once you do, don’t hesitate to book your ticket and prepare your backpack. However, if you can’t afford your ticket, find a short-term job and save some money. Once you do, move to the second point and learn how to travel and survive on a budget. Or maybe earn some money on your travel.

The second point – what do you need to pack?

It’s simple. Pack only the essentials in your backpack and hit the road. If you pack more than you need, you will carry unnecessary weight and spend a lousy time resting everywhere. Don’t make the same mistake as everyone else. You will be surprised how little you need to survive far away from home.

The third point – find a free accommodation and free meals

This will be a bit harder but not impossible. Consider asking a family on your travel to let you stay in their house. In return, offer to walk their pets, become a nanny or help them with home activities.

If you don’t like this option, try a monastery. They don’t charge for sleepovers and you can crash there for a few nights. However, if you don’t like this idea as well, you can always choose camping. It’s the cheapest and best option! Just be careful when picking the spot for placing your camp. It shouldn’t be too public but also not too hidden in case of emergency.

The fourth point – earn some money and expand your travel

If you spend all your money while traveling, don’t panic! You can always work some short-term job like bartending, waitress or cleaner and earn some money. Are you maybe a freelancer? If yes, just don’t forget to bring over your laptop/tablet and start earning cash online. You know how! Just find a free Wi-Fi and get to work. And remember – never panic, no matter what while traveling!

The fifth point – enjoy yourself!

Traveling is not about stress. Whatever you do, do it without fear and panic. Whatever happens to you on your travel, accept it and stay calm. You will find a way and everything will eventually fall into place. Listen to your heart and intuition, they know the way. Enjoy yourself. Relax. Admire the adventure! Once you get back home, you will never be the same again.